Malibu Rising

Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid

Genres: Psychological Fiction, Historical Fiction and Saga

“Malibu Rising” is one of those books that feels like real life unfolding before your eyes. Taylor Jenkins Reid’s writing is so authentic and relatable, and the characters are incredibly human, with flaws and vulnerabilities that make them feel like people you might know.

The story takes place in the breathtaking backdrop of Malibu, and the vivid descriptions made me feel like I was right there, experiencing the sunsets and surf alongside the Riva siblings. Their family dynamics are so raw and honest, and I found myself emotionally invested in their ups and downs.

The way the narrative seamlessly shifts between past and present added depth to the story, and I couldn’t help but become engrossed in the lives of the Rivas. The struggles they face, the love they share, and the challenges they overcome felt so genuine.

“Malibu Rising” is a beautiful exploration of family, relationships, and the complexities of life. It’s a book that lingers with you, leaving you reflecting on your own experiences and connections with others. If you enjoy stories that feel like a mirror to reality, this novel is an absolute must-read. Trust me, it’ll resonate with you in the most profound ways.